Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aéro- et Astrophilatéliques

International Federation of Aero- and Astrophilatelic Societies

Internationaler Federation für Aero- und Astrophilatelisten Vereine

... s'occupe des aéro- et astro-collectionneurs du monde entier !

En tant que collectionneur de documents aéro- ou astrophilatéliques, vous pouvez adhérer aux sociétés de votre pays. Toute information sur les sociétés et/ou clubs peut être trouvée ici.

... looks after the airmail- and astro-collectors of the whole world !

As a collector of aero- or astrophilatelic documents, you can join the societies of your country. All information on societies and/or clubs can be found here.

... betreut die Luftpost- und Astro-Sammler der ganzen Welt !

Als Sammler von aero- oder astrophilatelistischen Dokumenten können Sie sich den Gesellschaften Ihres Landes anschließen. Alle Informationen hier.

  • President's Report 2022

    Dear friends,

    Half a year has passed since my election as FISA President in the summer of 2022. The most important task I considered was to inform the President of FIP, Mr. Prakob Chirakiti, about the activities of FISA, noting that the assessment of aerophilatelic exhibits should be distinguished from Astrophilatelic exhibits. It should be reminded here again that those where space research is treated thematically cannot be considered Astrophilatelic exhibits.

    The rules for Astrophilatelic exhibits must be strictly adhered to when processing an Astrophilatelic exhibit.

    In the field of astrophilately, there are currently two real experts - jurors - namely Stefan Bruylants and a colleague Igor Rodin, and after the European exhibition in Lilleberc in autumn 2022, the FEPA jurors Mr. Julius Cacka for the Astrophilatelic class and Mr. Petr Fencl for the thematic class with a focus on the space. The colleague Fencl is also an important Czech astrophilatelist.

    This will increase the number of jurors capable to evaluate astrophilatelic exhibits at European exhibitions.

    According to my information, two world exhibitions are prepared for 2023. The first one is 23.-28.5.2023 - in Essen (IBRA2023), where the jury has already been appointed - there are three jurors for the aerophilately class. (I'm one of them). The second 11.-15.8.2023 - Taipei, Taiwan, I don't have any information about this exhibition yet, i.e. if there will be an aero and astrophilately class and how many jurors will judge these classes.

    Literature is needed for collecting. This year I got my hands on Hans Weder's excellent publication, Statbereit (the development of scheduled air transport in Switzerland 1919-1939), which was published in 2019. It is perfectly documented and mainly contains several beautiful illustrations on chalk paper. At the same time, it was brought to my attention that Mr. Ken Sanford published Air crash mail of the World (Incorporating "Recovered mail" by Heni Nierinck). This publication was published in 2022 and can be reached at Ken Sanford, 613 Championship Dr., Oxford, CT - USA 06478-3128. Make checks payable to American Air Mail Society, or PayPal to kaerophil@gmail.com and add US1.60. Price: to the USA - US 32.00, To all other countries - US 34.00 (postage included).

    In 2022, at the European exhibition in Liberec, an award for the promotion of astrophilately "The FEPA Certificate of appreciation 2021" was presented to Society OS Kosmos, under the Union of Czech philatelist.

    I would appreciate it if you could keep me informed of how your members' exhibits have been evaluated at the various shows so that we can get an idea of what areas are of interest to both aero and astrophilatelists.

    In case there is any new essential information, I will of course contact you and inform all collectors. I would like you to send me information about new events that you organize as clubs, whether any publications in the field of aerophilately and astrophilately have been published. I have a fairly decent overview of the events in Eastern Europe and Germany, but I'm lacking in other parts. You can inform me at my postal address: MUDr. Bedrich Helm, P.O.B. 1, 339 02 Klatovy 2, Czech Republic, or to the e-mail address: helm.beda1@seznam.cz. I am capable of direct communication in English, but I have an excellent secretary who speaks English well. I can speak German, Russian and Spanish.

    Thank you for the existing cooperation, and I look forward to its improvement.

    Sincere greetings to all

    MUDr. Bedřich Helm


An Aerophilatelic exhibit is composed essentially of postal documents transmitted by air, bearing evidence of having been flown.

An Aerophilatelic exhibit should represent a study of the development, operation or other defined scope of airmail services.

The transportation of mail by air may be shown in several ways : by adhesive stamps, vignettes (with and without face value), labels, cancellations, cachets, transit, route and other explanatory markings, written endorsements, backstamps and relevant signatures.


An Astrophilatelic exhibit is built up on historical, technical and scientific aspects related to space research and space programmes.

Astrophilately is the collecting of philatelic material related to space exploration.

It does not develop a theme, it is a philatelic study of the scientific and technical progress achieved in conquest of space, including stratosphere research, early rocketry and the precursors to the various types of spacecraft, chronologically recording the relative events within the different programs.

Recent news on Aero- and Astrophilately

  • Jean-Louis Lafon, founder-presient of the French Astrophilatelic Society AAF passed away on January 29th, 2023 Obituary

  • New magazines published : Air Mail News # 259 - Airpost Journal # 1112 - Bulletin du CAF # 84

  • GWP Weltraumverkauf - Space Covers Sale : see Catalogue

  • GWP Auction of Astrophilatelic Covers : see Catalogue

  • Beatrice Bachmann, Leading Lady of Astrophilately, passed away at the age of 90. Obituary

  • NEW BOOK : Australasian Crash Mail and Mail from other Incidents, Volume Four : 1940-1949
    Author Brian R. Peace - take a look

  • June 11th 2022 - 50th F.I.S.A. Congress Antwerp, Belgium

On June 11th 2022, F.I.S.A. had its 50th General Meeting & Congress.
The Report of the Congress will be available soon.

Take a look at our 26 member societies worldwide. Membership appliance ?

Clubs and publications on aerophilately worldwide.

Clubs and publications on astrophilately worldwide.

The latest news in our aero- and astrophilatelic world.

The 50st FISA-Congress took place in Antwerp on June 11th 2022.

All documents and regulations on exhibitions and inscription forms.

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