F.I.S.A. is the international representative of the interests of the Aerophilatelic and Astrophilatelic community.
The main task for F.I.S.A. is to promote and defend Aerophilately and Astrophilately in the international world of philately.
F.I.S.A. Activities

The Presidium of F.I.S.A. has monthly contacts by email and invites all the members of the Board once a year on a Board Meeting to discuss new entries of aero- or astrophilatelic societies and to prepare the Congress and General Meeting.

The Board and Board Members of F.I.S.A. wants to have close contact with the Member Societies. Therefore we organise a bi-annual Congress and General Meeting for all Member Societies. During the Congress we honour members of our Societies for their work in the field of aro- and astrophilately, we grant the Golden FISA Medal and the Golden FISA Pen, as well as Silver and Bronze Medals for Literature on Aero- and Astrophilately.

The 2022 Congress and General Meeting took place during Antverpia Exhibition in Antwerp, Belgium, on June 11th 2022. The date and place for the 2024 Congress has to be determinated.

F.I.S.A. aims to give patronage to all exhitions worldwide when promoting aerophilately and/or astrophilatey.