Exhibitions for Aero- and Astrophilately worldwide

F.I.S.A. can't organise philatelic exhibitions on its own, but can provide patronage, support and excellent jurors on aerophilately and astrophilately.

During all these years, postmarks on different events were awarded to FISA Activities worldwide. We are proud to offer you a collection on covers and postmarks produced for our congresses and for the patronage on several events.

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Days of Aerophilately
Founding of F.I.S.A. - Strasbourg /FR 1960
Strasbourg - 23/04/1960
1st F.I.S.A. Congress - Den Haag /NL 1961
Den Haag - 11/08/1961
2nd F.I.S.A. Congress - Berlin /D 1962
Berlin - 15-09-1962
3rd F.I.S.A. Congress - Brussels /B 1963
Bruxelles-Brussel - 07-09-1963